Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is it.

The only thing constant in this world is Change. Be it change in appearance, change in a relationship or the phenomenal cosmic change. Everybody goes through a gradual change in life. Some of us have a fortune (or misfortune) of going through a major sudden change.

So how much have we changed? From running around hunting for food from nature, to consuming chemically treated food and drinks. From roaming in the jungle naked, to being suit clad and making business deals. There was a time when it used to take months to travel across the sea; and now it barely takes a few hours.

Take India for an instance, in case of the appearance, women were forced to keep their heads covered in pallu. But now when you look around, the total amount of cloth used in covering one woman equals that of a pallu! Soon everyone will start enduring anorexia as well. I don’t even want to go into the change in culture.

We are all aware of the climate change as well. Millions of years ago, the earth faced a very similar change. Of course, it was the other way ‘round. At that time, the earth was getting built into its total capacity of evolution. I am not saying that it’s fully evolved at present. Or maybe it is and now it’s just “un-evolving”. Now the whole process seems to be going backwards. Our behavioral, clothing and eating habits are becoming closer to those of our primitive ancestors. Maybe this is the way the earth is letting us know that now it’s time. It’s time for a new earth to be formed. It’s time for the human species to perish and give way to new species. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if a day came when we would be roaming around covered in leaves, hunting for food.

Conserve water, conserve electricity, conserve resources. But hey, we are going to fall short of these things very soon. What is predicted of December 21, 2012 might just actually happen. If not the whole world in one go, it’ll atleast start around that time. You must be knowing that a leaf takes days to perish. Now imagine how much time a whole planet will take to perish. Of course it’s going to take years. But the time is here.

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