Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deal makers or Deal breakers?

Sometimes, all you need is your best friend. Be it telling them everything you feel or simply cry in their arms; be it just listen to them when they counsel us or simply sit there together staring into nothingness. I mean, why would you want to invent a hypothetical friend known as “dear diary” when you already have a best friend to share it all with!! It’s an unofficial deal between best friends to keep each others’ secrets. The “code of honour” is what binds us deal makers.  You would think that what happens between two best friends stays between them (that being the deal here) But hey! Open up your eyes! Just go check how much people actually know about you, even when you know it was only between you and your best friend/s.

It’s the way of the world where there are always enough incentives offered to the other deal maker to turn them into a deal breaker. This simple unspoken law, methinks, is proved in each and every daily soap. It’s not just friends or best friends, it involves all those who you have shared your secret with. But the problem here is, the closer you are to a person, the more dangerous it turns out to be. When you confine something into a “trusted” friend, you don’t expect her to spill it out to anyone; rather than an acquaintance that you happened to talk to. As such, these acquaintances are not even part of the deal since they never agreed upon the “code of honour”. So, then what? To look for another deal maker?

But this is not as easy as tearing off the diary that betrayed you, and starting to write a new one. It might be easier to dump your guy and go for another one for a change! So what if he was really loyal to you and never spilled any of your secrets (maybe because the secrets were too lame!)? But it’s still most difficult to find another BFF (Best Friend Forever).

So, how do you differentiate these deal breakers from all the deal makers. For one thing, they always have a tell. A “tell” is something which gives away the sign of her being a probable deal breaker. For example, when you hint that you are about to let out a very juicy gossip, there will definitely be a slight twitch of the nose or lips. Or else look out for a sudden spark in the eyes, which lasts only for a fraction of a second. These are the bitchy ones!

And, as usual there is the other kind of deal breakers, who’ll have a typical look on their face, which says that they are not quite sure whether they want to know it or not. The problem being that they don’t trust themselves to keep it in their stomach for too long. If it becomes too much (or even too long), they have to puke it out! These are the “majboor” ones.

So, if I have two deal makers, would I be breaking one deal if I were loyal to the other? The speed at which we are moving today, we might have to change BFFs every week. And yet we keep on making and breaking the deals; which brings us back to the notion that more than anything, we NEED these deal makers; who cares if they’ll turn out to be deal breakers or not!! 

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