Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sitting by the window, staring at the urchins playing,
Feeling the breeze caress; with it, the trees swaying,
With numerous thoughts running in mind, wondering
Is it just me, or is the whole world changing?

It rains in winter and its freezing during spring,
It’s no more a mystery, the atmosphere is depleting,
Dancing in the first rain with him, wondering
Is this still pure, or is the whole world changing?

The sun is scorching my body more than ever,
It’s smoggy down the lane almost forever,
Lying on my back seeking the invisible stars, wondering
Is there still time, or is the whole world changing?

Sometimes, my land is covered in water, sometimes it’s bereft,
Somewhere everyone’s parched, somewhere everything’s swept,
Waddling my way through the flood, wondering
Is this all natural, or is the whole world changing?

The time when every other day a new species would appear,
People were afraid of what they might discover,
Sensing less and less of them around, wondering
Are they still there or is the whole world changing? 

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