Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zoom zoom

I recently watched the animated movie 'Bolt' again. It's one of my favourites, and lately I've found this new hobby. So, I made a fan art.

It's just a start, but I hope I continue this hobby of mine.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

To Nirvana and back

With butterflies fluttering inside my stomach I got onto the tiny tail-boat. It's not that I was afraid of boats, nor the sea. This was simply the first time I flew out of my country without a guardian. Just me and my girlfriends. I was just drinking in the grandness of it all. The stretch of the beach that we left behind, the boundless horizon further ahead and the gigantic rocks in the middle of nowhere. Tentatively, I got down onto Railay island. At first, it looked like any other beach with people strolling away, sipping beers at the shacks and some soaking in the Sun. But as I got into a panorama mode, I realized there are two snug islands nicely connected to this one. One of those islands was just a bunch of rocks away. It seemed like a nice caved path to the tiny island. 
Being adventurers by heart and soul, we decided to cross the caves and rocks onto the other island. I reached Tonsai island, all bruised and breathless from the ups and downs, the sharp rocks and the spikey corals. A place with hardly any tourists (probably because of the late afternoon), Tonsai only had two shacks both of which looked like Rasta temples. There were pictures and flags in green-yellow-red all around, most of which had Bob Marley's face on them. I think I also spotted some brothers and sisters of his. It felt like a fraction of a second when two hours later, I finally got up to head back. Looking at the rocky path we came from, I realized half of it was submerged. Determined to reach the boat on time, we set out to hitch-hike once again, gathering more courage this time. We crawled, climbed, slipped, tip-toed and got bruised some more. Towards the very end of the path, one huge tide caught me off guard and I went floating into the sea. Somehow, I stepped back on to Railay beach and that's when it struck me. My phone was in my bag, which also decided to go for a swim. I could hear my heartbeats do the drum-roll. For the first couple of hours I was heartbroken because I had no way to share my experiences on Instagram or Facebook or even check-in at a place. After those first few hours, I felt free as a bird. There was nobody I needed to please. No one to give my hourly account to. Those five phoneless days were the best days that I spent in Thailand. I didn't have to check for any pings or updates and my eyes were doing the clicking for me. Sitting at my office, new phone in hand, I wonder if that was the best way to explore a new place and whether I'll do it again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

End of an era!

I know how you hate it when I wouldn't wake up,
You probably hate the fact that till late I'm up.
But I also know how you let it go.

You would always have to tell me to exercise everyday,
and to cover the mattress to keep the bed-bugs at bay.
But I know how you let it all go.

I hate that you'd always take forever to bathe,
And even when you're ready, we're sure to be late.
But you know how I let it go.

I hate it when your phone keeps ringing on,
You hate it when I'm always on the phone typing on.
But we know how we let it all go.

You'd think that all these years would make it all easy,
That moving ahead with our own lives would be breezy.
But now I know I don't want to let it go.
But now I know I don't want to let it go.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Running out.

I don’t want to run out of Words to say,
I don’t want to run out of the Excitement to play;
I don’t want to run out of the Will to do
What my Heart feels I must go through.

I don’t want to run out of the Imagination
Of having Travelled the entire nation;
I don’t want to run out of Places to be,
I don’t want to run out of all the Curiosity.

I don’t want to run out of my Patience,
My biggest strength against all vengeance.
I don’t want to run out of fiery Dreams,
I don’t want to stop chasing Extremes.

I don’t want to run out of the Hope to live,
I don’t want to run out of all the Love to give;
I don’t want to run out of my Faith in God,
I just want to thank you for Everything, O Lord.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


A girl always dreams of getting married to the perfect guy. She wants him to be the exact image of the Prince Charming she always wished for. Maybe I was born in the wrong country or in different times than I was meant to be. Of course like any other girl, there was a Prince Charming I dreamt about all along, but that's the thing about dreams. You keep wanting more. Every other guy could be your Prince, but it's all just a big political game for the Universe.
As for me, it took me a while to realize that I found my Prince and that's when I decided to leave everything else and run to him.

He's the perfect kind, believe me. He's beautiful. Not in a very conventional way though. He is very kind to me, and always makes sure I stay happy at all times. Maybe he's a little disturbed sometimes. His mind gets crowded and he gets all loud and stuffy, but with a little patience, the phase passes and he more than makes up for it after. He's always pleasantly warm in winters too; and equally cool in summers. But it's the rains that I enjoy most with him. The only thing about him that's not right for me is that he's a morning person unlike me. For him, it's lights out at 11pm!
Did I mention he always brings rains for me when I'm down? That's why I love him and that's why as my mum says it, I married him. Yes, I'm married to Bangalore. Happily married. =) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Watch out, here she comes!
Here comes the heartbreaker.

Disguised as the girl-next-door,
Giving you the smile of your life,
She's the one girls want sticking around,
She's the one guys don't mind hanging around.
A big mistake it'll be to pursue her,
'Cuz, here comes the heartbreaker.

The happiest person you'll come across,
She'll win you with her wits;
Oh, you can cross her, she won't mind!
But you can't stop her with ties that bind.
She'll bewitch you with her laughter,
Here comes the heartbreaker.

She'll crawl up into your heart,
Better be warned not to be bound;
The chapters of her life are not so shady,
But that won't make her heart all bright and sunny.
With hypnotizing eyes causing but a disaster,
Here comes the heartbreaker.


I hold my breath when I have to fart,
I hold my breath before a movie starts,
I hold my breath before a meeting,
I hold my breath till the tingles pass.

I hold my breath when I hear the dogs bark,
I hold my breath when I hear the slightest screech in the park.

I hold my breath when I cross the railway line,
I hold my breath before smelling the wine.

I hold my breath before I blow the candles,
I hold my breath when I see a rat in bundles.

I hold my breath to let the trailer pass,
I hold my breath till the rain touches my eyes.

I hold my breath when I see your name on the phone,
I hold my breath when we’re quiet, all alone.

I hold my breath to let the airplane glide,
I hold my breath when I suddenly realize:
God didn’t give me a big nose to hold it up with pride, no.
He gave it to me so I could have as many breathtaking moments of my own.