Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you ever wondered if you have made the right choice or whether you are supposed to keep looking for the right one? Why is it always so difficult to choose? Is there no ranking system in the matters of Love : "I love you best; you are fifth on my list"? They always say 'trust your first instinct'! But will someone please come and tell us WHAT or WHO our first instinct was?? I know people who have waited and waited (read: dated and dated) and have ultimately found their match. On the other hand, I also know people who grabbed the first person who showed interest in them and they didn't do bad either. So, which category do we fall in?

When God created us, he should have provided us with a rule-book or a guide. For, whenever we find ourselves in a fix, all we have to do is refer to the context in the guide and there! The perfect solution to the problem! For some of us who believe in God, is it because we believe that no other force could create such wonders? Or is it because we are too lousy to take up responsibility for our actions and knowing that you have someone else to blame? He probably only exists so we can keep taking up quests and keep solving them along the way. He is there to nudge us ahead, so we can tell ourselves "Everything will be fine." 
You don't believe in the power of prayers, but that's okay. To each's own. But you've got to believe in something. Something more than you can touch, taste or see. Because life is too hard to go through it alone, without something to hold on to.
No matter how much we crib about our lives, in the end, it always falls into place. I'm sure too that I will find my perfect guy at the right time. Believing in God means believing in yourself. The day you start believing in yourself, God is with you and this is what we call "FAITH".

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