Sunday, June 3, 2012


Watch out, here she comes!
Here comes the heartbreaker.

Disguised as the girl-next-door,
Giving you the smile of your life,
She's the one girls want sticking around,
She's the one guys don't mind hanging around.
A big mistake it'll be to pursue her,
'Cuz, here comes the heartbreaker.

The happiest person you'll come across,
She'll win you with her wits;
Oh, you can cross her, she won't mind!
But you can't stop her with ties that bind.
She'll bewitch you with her laughter,
Here comes the heartbreaker.

She'll crawl up into your heart,
Better be warned not to be bound;
The chapters of her life are not so shady,
But that won't make her heart all bright and sunny.
With hypnotizing eyes causing but a disaster,
Here comes the heartbreaker.

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