Monday, November 28, 2011

December's here.

Winter has never looked so beautiful before. She has achieved what she couldn't for years. She actually managed to keep the Sun away from us for days! No one's ever done that for me before. Of course, it's a pain if you're waiting for your solar water heater to work in the morning. But otherwise, it's a sweet, sweet boon! She smells good, sounds good, tastes good and feels good too. On one hand, I feel like sleeping till late hours of the morning; while on the other hand, when I wake up, I always feel fresh. This is the season for the lazy: 'It's such a nice, pleasant weather! I don't feel like working at all today!' And Bangalore winters are like paradise. It's freezing cold, there's chilled breeze caressing your cheeks, inducing goosebumps all over your body. And to top it all, it keeps drizzling ever-so-softly day and night! And trust me, it is the season for the young. Not for the children, who have to wake up early in the morning, wear sweaters and go to school; definitely not for the old, who are most likely to fall sick or catch a cold or have to be incubated in a heated room. No! It's just the season for the young. Everyday is fresh; the smell makes you nostalgic. Walking, running, riding, driving, you name it and it's fun! Everyone at work is energetic and chattery and always with a smile. You're also allowed to leave early since it looks like it's going to pour! So, once you're home, take a quick-hot-shower, grab a cup or two of hot coffee/chocolate, snuggle up with your favourite pillow/soft-toy/guy and switch on the television. Because like Homer says, "Without television, it's hard to tell when one day ends and the other begins".
Happy December Everyone!

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