Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Every time you did something wrong ever since you were a kid, you hear someone saying “It’s okay. We all make mistakes.” But are all mistakes ‘okay’ to make? Some mistakes are tiny, some are huge. These tiny mistakes might be huge for others. Some you remember, some you don’t. Some you might not even call mistakes. Some you regret, some you don’t.

But the fact remains. Mistakes hurt. Sometimes a little, sometimes too much. Sometimes to you, sometimes to others. But at all times, they bring about a big change. A change in behaviour, a change in attitude. It may bring a change in your outlook or it can be a complete life changing phenomenon. We hardly realise that one little mistake would bring about such a big change.

But it’s never easy to figure out who was at fault. It’s much easier to assume that you were the sole generator of that mistake. Sometimes, you deserve the hearty self-misery. It feels good. You might want to fall deeper and deeper into that pit of self-pity. It still feels good. But, there’s still the anticipation of hitting rock bottom. Although, believe me, you don’t want to go there. You might want to stop right there, take a few steps back. It’s been a long great journey. It was fun, no doubt. Be thankful that it ever happened. But everything comes to an end. Let it go. The more you try to hold it back, the more it slips away. Snap out of it. Don’t forget it, but also don't let it get you. And this might be a good time to take a deep breath as well. Lay back. Clear your head. And Voila! You’re fresh and ready to make new mistakes!